“At the Port Angeles library,” wrote Jessica Smith on Facebook. “That’s where I discovered your book and decided to contact you. I loved the story and even cried at the end.”

She continued, “Your father reminded me of Abraham from the Bible. Going on his faith and knowing that things would be taken care of. Now I am going to buy my own copy on Amazon, and will leave a review.”

Jessica followed through with her promise. A few days later, a publishing agent called to congratulate me on the number of 5-star ratings the book has received on Amazon, and to offer publicity service…at a cost of course. His comments, however, served as a reminder to me that an independently published book gets noticed when there are enough strong ratings.

Enough” is the key word. Enough endorsements could open the door to influential reviewers, or even a traditional publisher contract.  So I’m asking those who enjoyed the book, and have not done so already, to please visit Sticks, Stones & Songs—The Corey Story on Amazon.com and add your stars and comments. Note: It is not necessary to have purchased the book on Amazon, and you can sign with initials or a nickname.

Another reader wrote: “[The author] used the best of the English language to express the unique elements of her family’s life journey…‘twas most artistically constructed and a joy to absorb.”

Such generous words are the lifeline of an author. Thanks so much.