“I suppose you all got along with each other, so many of you growing up together under one roof,” commented Todd Ortloff, program host and partner/owner of KONP in Port Angeles WA.

“Oh no,” I said, “We weren’t nice at all. We squabbled like cats and dogs…at least while we were kids.”

This opportunity to share Sticks, Stones & Songs—The Corey Story with the KONP audience came because of Glenn and Linda Cutler. Remember them? They are the Port Angeles couple that sat across from me at the art show banquet and paid no heed to my grubby clothes.

After returning from the art show, Glenn called his friend Todd, and within a week I was answering questions on the Todd Ortloff show—questions about writing a family story within the context of local history; questions about the response of my siblings to telling tales on them; and questions about the importance of keeping alive the experiences of the past.

If you didn’t hear the live show, I invite you to listen to the podcast of that program by following the link to the web page. Mark at 30 minutes where my segment begins, and click the play arrow. It’s only 10 minutes long. Afterwards, I’d be grateful if you would let me know you listened by adding a comment on the website or sending an email to eleanor@eleanor.com or e.guderian@frontier.com

Listen to the full program, or just my interview which begins at the 30:00 minute mark.

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  1. My comment disappeared.  Will try again.  Kyle and Danielle have spent the summer renovating a 1920's farm house.  We have helped them.  We missed seeing you this summer.  All is going well here.  Enjoyed your interview on the radio.  Would love to see you.

  2. Eleanor, Having read your book with great joy, I sure did appreciate your live interview!  It is so refreshing to read a book that has so much joy and character, just like you!   Anxiously awaiting the next episode of the " Corey Family".   You are truly a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing your family! 

        Sincerely, Linda Doty

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