“Are you writing the sequel or, perchance, the love story of your parents?” They ask. “Or are you taking a rest, now that Sticks, Stones & Songs is done?”

After four years of researching, writing, editing, and publishing, it would seem right to sit back and bask in the accomplishment, or even to get started on the next one. “But alas,” I respond, “the more demanding task has just begun—the task of getting The Corey Story to more readers.”

“Not to mention,” I say to some inquirers, “I need to sell enough books from my closet inventory to make room for the coats.”

All jokes aside, I am grateful to those who are reading the book, telling friends, and inviting me to speak at events. If you too would like to purchase signed books for yourself or to give as gifts, or if your group would enjoy hearing more of the story, just contact me: eleanor@eleanorcorey.com. Travel is in our plans.

I have updated the Endorsements tab at www.eleanorcorey.com with recent comments, some quite humorous. Please take a moment to read them, and perhaps–if you’ve not done so already–add a note of your own. Meanwhile, here's one that just landed in my email.

“Sticks, Stones & Songs is an engaging lesson in how a positive attitude, strengthened by faith, encourages people to be creative with and thankful for what they have, rather than depressed about what they don't have. I was impressed that in describing how this family made do, the author also included some necessary asides for the existential questions and angst facing young people.” –Paul DeGroot, Principal Consultant, Pica Communications, and Author of “Microsoft Licensing Concepts.”