20 Chevvy turned farm truck broken down

“When I read that you (as a child) learned to drive the ’31 Chev truck and could pop the clutch, I rejoiced in the fact that we were of a select elite group of women who could claim that ability,” wrote Nancy. She also said. “It was affirming to me that the prayers and sacrifices of parents really matter.”

At our family reunion in July, Sticks, Stones & Songs—The Corey Story received similar kudos from members of the Corey clan. An entire evening, filled with sound bites from the book and never-before-told camping, hunting, and fishing tales, was punctuated with peals of laughter.

Besides the family reunion, there have been other opportunities to share: reading at a book store, placing the book in libraries, speaking for social and church groups, and selling at a street fair. I am grateful to those who are helping me add dates to the calendar.