The Corey Homestead

Are you one of the selfless, and perhaps exhausted, servants of the sick or the public? Or do you feel as if you have hit the pause button on your life and wonder when you can safely disarm the silence. When the early shock of Covid-19 hit us in Washington, I had just tested the first strands of publicity for my second book, Pots, Pans & Peace—The Legacy of Margaret Corey. Now, my goal is to deactivate the pause and–while keeping social distance–reach out from my secluded corner in the study.

First, I want to thank you for signing up a few years ago to follow the path of Sticks, Stones & Songs—The Corey Story. For me, the journey with this story has opened a new career of writing and speaking; has connected me with relatives I’d not seen for decades; and had brought back into my life school mates from my childhood. Most significantly it has added to the Corey clan a host of readers who said they entered the story as if they were growing up with us.

Four years ago, I sensed an urgency to chronicle additional chapters of history with focus on the unflinching faith of my parents. The result is the (almost) new release, Pots, Pans & Peace—The Legacy of Margaret Corey, which I have described in more detail on the website and on the facebook page, ‘Eleanor Corey, Author.’

Currently this title, in paperback or for Kindle, is available on in at least seven countries. Or, you may contact me at to request a signed copy by mail.

With gratitude, Eleanor