Zaid holds the birthday gift from me and we all wait in silence. Will he like it, or will he not?  Zaid, at twelve, can be a hard one to please. BIMG_6564ut, as he opens the box, we watch a grin stretch across his cheeks.  He fumbles to the inside pages of the book, anxiously searching … searching. There it is—his name—in the very first sentence of the Prologue. He reads the words I had drafted three years earlier:  “In the living room, nine-year-old Zaid catches my attention. Rubbing his hands over gold-etched words, my grandson asks, ‘What’s a White Rotary, Abuela?’”

Then he looks up from the page and declares, “I can’t wait to show my friends!”

He had received the perfect gift—Sticks, Stones & Songs—a book written with him in mind.  

Have you obtained your copy? 

If not, you can discover how at             www.eleanorcorey.com, or you may contact eleanor@eleanorcorey.com